Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Kevel: A Pregnant Woman's BFF

   The Kevel: A Pregnant Woman's BFF.
  We all love our jeans, but as our bellies grow it starts to become easier to reach for sweat pants or maternity leggings because comfort comes first, right?! Well have no fear, kevel allows your jeans to grow with your belly so you can be comfy AND cute! This little fly tie has been a life saver for me.... I'm in my fifth month of pregnancy and I still fit in my favorite pair of blue jeans. The Kevel comes in several sizes to grow with your belly, to keep you in your jeans as long as possible! Kevel is fast and easy to use. Seriously the best invention ever made for pregnant women! Find Kevel on her website:
and start shopping! 

-Bambi of Musings of a Mommy

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