Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pregnancy Cravings

 Did someone say food

I am a food lover! Being pregnant isn't an all access pass to eat everything in sight, but I won't feel guilty if I indulge in a couple of donuts every now and again... ya know?! My relationship with food definitely changed when I became pregnant, because in my first trimester I was so sick, I could hardly keep anything down... I seriously thought I'd never be able to eat 'normally' again. It is interesting to vibe on what the body wants/needs during pregnancy. So I thought I'd share my cravings so far.

My First Trimester:
In my first trimester I lost 10lbs because I had terrible morning sickness, which should really be called 'all the time sickness' because  I was praying to The Throne God at all hours of the day. But what I could eat was lots and lots of APPLES! We have an apple tree in our backyard, and I would eat about 5-6 apples a day. I also craved pickles, until they made me sick.... no more pickles for me! I drank a lot of ginger ale to soothe my stomach, and I also ate the entire half of a watermelon every other day.... we bought a LOT of watermelons!

My Second Trimester:
I'm 21 weeks pregnant now, so my second trimester isn't over, but I definitely re gained my appetite in this trimester (THANK GOODNESS!) I am starting to gain weight now, which makes me happy because I want my baby bump! 
So far in my second trimester, I am craving fresh fruit like organic strawberries, blueberries, and banana. I like to drizzle honey on top of the fruit sometimes if I have a sweet tooth. Seriously, I crave just about anything and everything right now. I could totally go for a cheeseburger right now! Pizza, I LOVE pizza..... I eat a lot of spinach too. I eat pretty healthily, but I have no problem indulging in some chicken tenders and french fries every now and then too! And my baby loves it! Our little boy gets really active after I eat- but he especially loves it when I eat strawberries! So sweet! Feeling him kick is my favorite part of the day. 

 So tell me.... what are you craving?!


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