Saturday, November 23, 2013

Team Blue!


My husband and I are expecting our first son on April the 11th, 2014. We are so excited to be #TeamBlue.  

We had a gender reveal party and it was the best night of our lives! I highly recommend this to any moms to be. We went to our Ultrasound the morning of the party, and I asked the doctor to keep the gender quiet. My husband was the one to be told the gender, and then we went home and he was to bake a cake that would either be pink or blue on the inside. We invited friends and skyped with family members who couldn't be there with us, and they all watched as I cut the cake. Obviously, it was blue inside. I had a gut feeling that it was a boy, so I dressed in blue! Always trust your intuition, ladies!  We are thrilled to be having a little boy- can you tell the excitement on my husbands face?

It was a night to remember :)


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